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ECOFISH DANUBIUS - Ecotourism development in localities bordering the Danube by promoting fisheries communities
and protecting the environment in fisheries areas 

•  The project is funded under the Fisheries Operational Programme 2007-2013, Axis 4, Measure 2 "Supporting the infrastructure and services related to tourism for the benefit of small fisheries communities and tourism promotion" and the "Development of ecotourism in the Danube riparian localities promoting the fishing communities and protecting the environment in fisheries areas - ECOFISH DANUBIUS " RO 41 181113 09 08 0623
•  Implementation period: 24 months

Project objectives

 General objective : enhancement of the natural heritage and ecotourism development in 4 rural towns in the Dolj county, the Danube riparian: Maglavit, Ciupercenii Noi, Ghidici, Bistreţ;

Specific objectives:
- protecting and enhancement of the natural heritage in localities Maglavit, Ciupercenii Noi, Ghidici, Bistret from Dolj County, the Danube riparian by implementing/using some tools and materials information and promotion of the area;
- supporting the fishing communities by promoting activities of sport fishing type;
- development of ecotourism and local folk traditions by organizing promotional events and information multiplication.